Social Proof: How many reviews should I have?

Online reviews are a reflection of your reputation. They play a significant role in attracting-and repelling-new customers. Modern shoppers trust what other people say about you more than what you say about yourself. Without ever visiting your website, potential customers will make judgements about your business. They’ll look at your overall rating and scroll through your reviews.

Ideally, these customers will come across an abundance of recently published reviews. They understand that your business is constantly changing. They want to read reviews that reflect the current state of operations. That’s one of the reasons that the quantity of
reviews matters.

Why Quantity Is Important

Shoppers want to read about your business today. They don’t want to read outdated reviews which may not address changes to your products or everyday operations. When they cannot find new reviews, they assume people are no longer interested in supporting your business. They will likely make conclusions that reflect poorly on your business. Businesses should make a habit of encouraging their customers to leave reviews. Neglecting to do this will lose you business in the long run.

Another important reason you should be accruing new reviews regularly has to do with SEO. Google rewards businesses with lots of reviews. They appear more trustworthy than their competitors. As a consequence of receiving lots of reviews, Google rewards
businesses with a higher search ranking and delivers them more clicks.

How to Get More Reviews

Businesses should be encouraging their customers to post reviews. People like sharing their opinions online. A simple reminder may just be the push they need to publish a review. To yield the greatest results, considering sending a request every time someone shops at your business. Requesting the reviews at the point of sale capitalizes upon the customer’s enthusiasm for your product. Strike while the iron is hot; send your request when customers are most excited about your business.

Increasing your review count is simple with Visual Visitor. Our automated system lets you:

● Request reviews.
● Respond to reviews.
● Share reviews.

The best part is, you can do all three without leaving our app! Don’t waste your time checking each review site individually. Take care of all your review needs with Visual Visitor and let us function as your Word of Mouth Marketing Machine. Read more about
our Reputation Management modules here.

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