How to Create a Sales Manager Job Description

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Create the Perfect Sales Manager Job Description

With the start of a new year, we always see a lot of house cleaning within Sales Organizations. Especially at the managerial level. One particular position that gets a lot of attention is the Sales Manager. They are heroes when the numbers are looking good, and zeros when they are not. These warriors are responsible for so much that happens within the sales department of an organization: that quotas are met, the quotas that are not met, accurate future forecasts, reporting, training, hiring, and the list goes on and on.

Whether you are looking to hire a new Sales Manager, replace a Sales Manager, or become a Sales Manager, we have put together a few thoughts to help when creating that Job Description or building that resume.

The first step to attracting the right person for the position that you are hiring for is to build an accurate and well thought out Job Description. This Job Description should be specific and outline both the requirements and the wishes for your future Sales Manager.

Sales Manager Responsibilities for your Organization

In this first section, outline what you are looking for. Describe the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals and job responsibilities of your new sales manager. Start off on the right foot with this new team member and make sure that there are no surprises on the first day with unmentioned tasks that could go beyond what this new employee is capable of.

Sales Manager Essentials

In this next section, go over the things that you find essential and the things that would be bonuses. Consider it a Must-Have and Nice-To-Have section. By separating out the two categories, you are taking the company wish list and making it clear to the prospect if they are qualified or not. If you leave this section as one list, you will see fewer applicants as they will feel unqualified if they do not have those Nice-To-Haves that you listed in the Must-Have section.

A couple of other things that you should touch on in this section is personality and work ethic. Try to avoid the all-encompassing phrases that you see too often like “hard worker” or “self-motivated.” You will also want to touch on the personality type that would be a good fit within the group that already exists at your organization. If you have a lot of jokers, then a hard-nosed easily offended person would definitely not fit in – just like a joker would cause more problems than not in a department of by-the-book workers.

A Strong Finish

Close out your Job Description with a section on what your organization has to offer to the applicant. Selling your business is just as important in this process as the applicant selling their strengths. Hiring a new employee is no small thing; the cost, the time, etc. Increase your chances of finding not only a qualified person that meets the current and future needs of your organization but also a person that sees the benefits of applying to your organization and not your competitor.

Hiring the perfect person for a job that needs to integrate within the group that his already in place can be quite challenging. Take your time and follow the outline mentioned above to really set your Job Description apart from the others and attract key talent.

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