Tips to Get Started with Social Selling

Mar 11, 2015 | 2 minute read
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Tips to Get Started with Social Selling

Getting started with social selling can feel like a difficult task—it can seem that the opportunities to trip over your own feet outnumber the opportunities to succeed and sell. But when you approach social selling the right way, it’s a natural, simple process. Today, we have four quick, easy tips for getting you started with social selling, that’ll have you making connections and seizing opportunities in no time.

Listen Twice as Much as You Talk. It should be common sense, but far too many sellers forget and spend more time talking than listening to their potential client’s wants and needs. When buyers pay attention, it’s because you’ve listened carefully and explained your product or service in terms they care about and understand. That means listen, read, and know your buyers. Listen more than you talk, and your words will carry far more weight.

Make Personas a Priority. Study your followers, your audience, anyone who you’re trying to communicate with, and build your persona to appeal. As with any communications, you should tailor your message to address specific needs. Share stories and ideas with your followers that they’ll care about, that will make them view you as more than a salesperson and your brand as an industry leader and authority.

Relationships Trump Sales. Relationship selling is infinitely more successful than just pushing a product. Your social media messaging should focus on providing valuable educational information as well as brand knowledge. Become the go to person in your industry for knowledge and information. Don’t be afraid to share valuable insights and information from third party sources.

Use Your Network to Benefit Buyers. Your social network is a tool. Connect members of your social network who can benefit from an introduction, can work together to solve problems, and who can offer new opportunities to each other. Make your network a great place to be, and people will want to be a part of it—and you’ll reap the benefits later.

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