New Settings for Facebook Ads

Sep 26, 2015 | 2 minute read
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are your settings for Facebook Ads set correctly?  Are you concerned about how much information you are sharing with Facebook? Many consumers find Facebook’s privacy settings to be confusing and difficult to manage. Your activity on Facebook can be shared with companies to help them target their products or services. If you’d like to limit the amount of information you share with advertisers, there is a new feature you’ll want to know about.

Every time you like a page or a post or share a post, you are providing Facebook with information about your preferences, likes and dislikes. That information is used to help Facebook advertisers target their messages. Now you can limit how much information you share. Facebook has added a new setting option that allows you to turn off sharing of this type of data.

This new setting is an upgrade of the previous setting that was in place. The previous option redirected users to a third party company, Digital Advertising Alliance. Digital Advertising Alliance would limit the information shared, but required you to submit your preferences on each device you use to access Facebook. That meant that if you used the Facebook app on your phone and tablet and also accessed Facebook on your laptop, you’d need to submit the request three different times; once for each device.

The new setting is held within Facebook and is tied to your account. One change to setting is all that is needed to establish your preferences regardless of the number of devices you use.

To control your Facebook ad settings, follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to Settings
    2. Choose Ads on left side
    3. Click Edit next to “Ads base on my use of websites and apps”
    4. Change to Off

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