Lead Scoring Model made easy with Visual Visitor

Lead Scoring Model with Visual Visitor

If you ask most marketing people what the most important part of their job is, they will probably tell you getting as many leads into the funnel as possible. But is that true? Are 100 bad leads better than one good lead?

This is the point that a good and customized Lead Scoring Model comes into play… and you don’t want to be in the dark on what exactly a lead scoring model is and how big of a role it plays in your marketing success.

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is where you take the value of the lead; usually, some type of point system is used to determine that value, for each new lead that comes in. Depending on your business and your marketing strategy, you can score those new leads based on any number of predetermined attributes. Doing this will enable your sales team to better determine which leads are a priority and are looking for a solution soon, which leads are just starting on their shopping adventure, and which leads are really not looking for a solution as much as just gathering information.
This can be critical for getting more deals closed, as well as time management. You don’t want your sales staff spending hours and hours on a lead that is just starting the process while overlooking the lead that was looking to finalize their solution asap. That could be the difference between a new customer or a lost customer.

How do you build your Lead Scoring model?

Just like every business is different, every business’s lead scoring model will be different as well. Although you can get a basic model from an online cookie cutter lead scoring website, you will be much better off if you use something like that as an outline and focus on what you are doing and what your history shows you. Using past leads and relationships to help build your lead scoring model is the real key to success.
Some things that you can do to make your lead scoring model your own; make a list of which leads converted, and which leads did not convert. What does each list have in common? Business type, size, etc. Knowing this will help you to recognize the real potential leads as they come in. Even knowing a negative when building your lead scoring model is positive.

What is important in building a Lead Scoring Model?

To do this, we will start with some of the basics of creating a lead scoring system using data that you have determined to have the essential attributes for your business.
The point system. Usually, in a lead scoring point system, you will use numbers that range from 0 to 100.  You will assign these points per attribute based on which characteristics are most important to your business and the lead conversion path that works best for you.
Some lead scoring models that are basic and used frequently would be based on location or demographics, company type, size or industry,  their engagement level with your business, etc.
All of these different lead scoring model types can be enhanced with a good marketing product like Visual Visitor. Our marketing toolkit includes things like anonymous website visitor identification which allows you to know who is visiting your website and pull up that businesses information quickly and efficiently.
Visual Visitor’s marketing toolkit can also highlight the engagement level of that visitor with a per page breakdown of time spent on page, which pages were visited and so much more.  But we go beyond your basic analytic package to allow you access to email tracking, call tracking, forms capture and more. Lead scoring models are built quickly and easily with the right marketing toolkit at your disposal and Visual Visitor is that.

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