Who is Visual Visitor?

Visual Visitor was started in 2009 by two brothers who combined both their sales and technical talents. Their goal was to develop a tool that would help sales organizations to respond to the changes in the buyer’s journey while still being affordable to the small businesses and startups that make up a significant portion of the market.

Visual Visitor was built on a massively scalable infrastructure. This infrastructure is supported by multiple geographically diverse data centers for redundancy.

The innovation, stability, and consistent growth that continue to fuel Visual Visitor’s success has been proven by over 2000 satisfied customers!


Who is visiting your website?

Did you realize that about 70% of a potential customer’s “Buyer’s Journey” has been completed before they ever contact a sales rep? By identifying the visiting companies and providing actionable contacts, Visual Visitor will enable your sales team to enter the Journey early.
Who is visiting your website? What are they looking for? Where are they coming from? These are not just high level questions… They are the questions that your sales staff and marketing team need to have answered.

Visual Visitor’s powerful anonymous website visitor tracking and lead generation tool can actually tell you which businesses are visiting, how often they visit, how long they view your pages, and more! We tell you what they are looking for and where they are coming from!

How many sales have slipped away because your team did not have the tools to identify those anonymous website visitors that showed real interest in your product but didn’t fill out a form while on your site? For $59/month, we will monitor your website visitors and alert you to their presence and their viewing activities.

Your web site is leaking leads….. With only 2% of web site visitors ever identify themselves by filling out a form or sending an email, we help you with the other 98%. Stay relevant and in the lead of the Buyers during their journey…

Our fully functional 14 Day Free Trial makes it easy to experience the power anonymous website visitor identification can have for your sales team.


Streamline your current form capture plan…

At Visual Visitor we understand that many of our clients are using forms on their websites and would like a way to integrate that data with their Visual Visitor account.  We have made it very easy to do that with the added ability to link directly to your supported CRM.

The Visual Visitor Form Capture component lets you integrate your website forms and import them directly to your CRM. One less step! This must-have feature is so quick and easy to set up with our Forms Capture Configuration page from your Visual Visitor dashboard.
  • Visual Visitor integrates with your current form.
  • All form data is mapped directly to your account and easily configured through our Forms Capture Configuration.
  • You can pull form usage data for quality.
  • and again… it is included in your $59/month subscription!


Integration with Zapier…
And 700+ applications

Zapier is an integration service that connects to over 700 applications to allow seamless workflows without coding. Think of the possibilities this could mean for your business automation! Learn more here!

Common workflows

  • Add identified contacts to your CRM system (over 40 different CRM systems available)
  • Add identified contacts to your Email campaign system (such as MailChimp or ConstantContact) mailing list
  • Send a Slack notification of tagged visitors returning to your website
  • Schedule a drip email follow up on tagged visitors returning to your website