Help! I’m Spending Too Much Money On Marketing

Charlie is an Account Manager at Jupiter Tech, an IT company. Recently, he’s started running ads on Google Adwords and Facebook. He also invested in email marketing. It appears as though he’s moving in the right direction-his company has already experienced an uptick in the number of inbound calls they’re receiving. But their marketing budget is getting out of control. Without proper research, he doesn’t know which ads to cut. And he doesn’t know which ones are worth the money. How does Charlie improve his marketing ROI and cut his marketing spending at the same time?

Charlie needs keyword level call tracking to effectively manage his marketing spending. By assigning a unique phone number to each keyword and ad he’s running, he can find out which referral source directed each call. In other words, he can identify the ads that are driving calls and leading to sales. This would allow him to invest intelligently. He’ll increase their inbound calls and save money by eliminating ineffective keywords.

Call Tracking aka the Key to Cutting Your Marketing Spending

Are you interested in improving your marketing Return on Investment? Visual Visitor is here to help. Our keyword level call tracking module is the resource you need to refine your marketing strategy. Finding out which keywords are worthwhile can save you thousands of dollars each month. Take advantage of this helpful resource to reduce your spending and improve your marketing ROI.

How does it work? Well, it’s kind of like magic. You install the script on your website.  If you use WordPress, it is as simple as installing our WordPress plugin.

Select “Call Dashboard” to get an overview of your inbound calls.

Beneath the chart, you can view individual calls. Click on a magnifying glass to learn more about a call. Select the “Show Transcription” button to read a text version of the call.

Scroll down to view a caller’s browsing history. Discover which pages on your site caught their attention.

With the help of keyword level call tracking, Charlie will be able to invest his marketing dollars intelligently. He’ll earn a better ROI and cut down on unnecessary spending.

Ready to increase your marketing Return on Investment? Sign up for our free trial by clicking here. Your marketing team will thank you for it.


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