Help! I Don’t Know Which Ads Are Working

Dan is in charge of running ad campaigns at Webb Media. He spends a lot of time researching keywords and pays close attention to his ROI. He wants to make sure the ads he selects are generating sales.

Before and after Dan initiates a new ad campaign, he checks his clients’ sales volume. This allows him to spot general trends i.e. whether the campaign is driving new sales. But how does Dan know which specific ads are inspiring sales?

Dan needs keyword level call tracking. By assigning a unique phone number to each ad, he can discover which referral source is directing each inbound phone call. In other words, every time his clients receive a call, he can attribute it to a specific ad. This allows him to determine which ads are worth the money. Improving his ROI couldn’t get any easier.

But what if one of Dan’s clients wants to monitor their own ads? The answer is white labelling. Dan’s marketing agency can purchase keyword level call tracking software. They can then white label it, or resell it, to their clients. This would allow both the agency and the client to take advantage of this software. The next time they have a meeting, they can refer to the same data. White labelling is especially appealing to those clients who take a more hands-on approach to their marketing.

Are you interested in keyword level call tracking? Visual Visitor offers powerful and affordable software, designed to help you improve your marketing ROI. Do-it-yourself marketers and marketing agencies alike rely on our keyword tracking software to evaluate their ad campaigns.

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