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Lead generation is simple with Visual Visitor.
Sep 10, 2021 | 4 minute read
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Lead generation is a critical component of B2B sales. So much so that B2B sellers invest up to 25% of their time identifying leads. Cold calling has largely fallen out of fashion…so how are modern B2B sellers locating viable leads? We’ve researched best practices and outlined some key strategies below.


1. CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Simply put, CRM software helps you track your interactions with customers. You can apply different notification rules to make sure your never forget to follow up with a customer. And you can share information quickly with other members of your team. In short, it streamlines your customer service process.

In regard to lead generation, CRM software allows you to track new leads and monitor your progress converting them. When you integrate this software with your email tracking tool, you can find out which leads are clicking on your marketing campaigns, proposals, and contracts. Using a CRM is an easy way to organize your leads and refine your customer service process.


2. SEO

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is an important tool for increasing your online visibility. In other words, it helps customers find you. Your website is a digital storefront for your business. Improving your website’s SEO will increase your business’s visibility. In other words, Google will rank your business higher and thus direct more traffic to your site. To improve your SEO, consider developing content with an emphasis on keywords your customers are likely to search. And take advantage of tags to help search engines and social media sites know where to promote your content.

Most lead generation strategies encourage sellers to approach buyers. But improving your SEO is a great way to encourage customers to come to you. These leads are already familiar with your business. Consequently, they’ll be easier to convert.


3. Free Content

Posting free content on your website is another way to draw customers to you. Blog posts, webinars, and infographics will attract attention and act as marketing for your business. In addition, consider offering a free trial or demo. Your less-enthusiastic leads will appreciate a free demonstration. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to showcase your products and emphasize their value.


4. Gated Content

Free content can increase your visibility and help you convert leads who are less-than-eager to pull the trigger. But that doesn’t mean that all of your online content should be free. Keeping some content gated-including market research, training videos, and tips- is a good idea. You can set barriers so that a customer has to provide their contact details before accessing your content. This provides you with helpful information you can use to update your list of leads.


5. Content Marketing

Blog articles, social media posts, and videos are great tools to market your business. They also increase your website traffic. The key is to create content that will be helpful to your potential customers. Consider what problems they face and develop content that addresses these problems. What sort of topics are your customers likely to search? By responding to these queries in a blog post, you’re directing potential customers to your site. Providing valuable content to your leads will encourage them to engage with your business.


6. Email Marketing

Marketing campaigns conducted by email are easy to organize and track. You can cold email prospects or ask them to opt-in. Either way, email campaigns are a great way to get your prospects engaged with your business. The key is to create a schedule and send out email campaigns regularly. And with the help of our Who’s Opening tool you can find out instantly which leads are reading your emails.

With our Who’s Opening tool, you can receive a notification every time someone clicks on your email. We can even tell you how many times they opened it and where they’re located. You can use this information to keep your lead list updated and ranked in order of engagement. Lead generation is simple with Visual Visitor.


7. LinkedIn

Did you know that 80% of leads sourced by social media come from LinkedIn? Keeping your LinkedIn profile update is crucial if you want to attract more leads. Otherwise, prospective customers will turn to your competitors.

Ideally your business account should be professional, detailed and up-to-date. Posting on LinkedIn is also a good way to attract attention and encourage engagement. Set up a schedule and aim to post regularly. This tactic can help you score more leads.


8. Retargeting

Retargeting is the process by which you direct ads to leads who have previously visited your website. These leads are already familiar with your business and thus easier to convert. Fortunately, Visual Visitor can help you implement your retargeting strategy. With our Who’s Interested tool, you can find out which companies are visiting your website and which pages on your site are attracting their attention.

Businesses that are visiting your site are more likely to be in the market for your products. Plus, they’re aware of your business. By targeting these businesses, you’re able to bypass the first stage of the sales cycle (awareness) and move on to the interest phase.


9. Reevaluate

When it comes to sales, there isn’t one surefire path to success. Instead, you should be constantly tracking your results and revaluating your strategy. Some lead generation strategies will work better than others for your business. The important thing is that you are keeping track of your results. With Visual Visitor, you can monitor the progress of your email campaigns and find out which leads are visiting your website. In other words, we can help you measure the efficacy of your lead generation strategy. You can use this data to make informed decisions when you allocate your marketing budget.


10. Lead Generation Software

Generating leads is a time-consuming task and you won’t always be rewarded for your efforts. That’s why you need Visual Visitor. Our Who to Contact database is equipped with over 540 million contacts. And the best part is, you can apply different filters to get targeted results. If you’re interested in construction companies with over 50 employees, all you have to do is apply the appropriate filters. You can even search based on employee criteria if you’re looking for people in specific roles or departments.

In addition, we offer a Who’s Shopping tool. This feature lets you know which businesses are actively searching for your products or services online. You can use this tool in tandem with our Who’s Interested tool to find out which businesses have already visited your site. These leads already understand the value of your products and, as a result, they’re easier to convert. Generating high-quality leads couldn’t get any easier.

Book a demo today and find out how easy lead generation can be.

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