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Is your website Leaking Leads..?

We at Visual Visitor deliver a unique Anonymous Website Visitor Identification solution that will integrate seamlessly with your business’s current lead generation strategy.

Visual Visitor - Lead Generation SoftwareDid you know that statistics show that only about 2% of your visitors are actually taking the time to fill out a form on your website? Does your business have a plan to address the other 98% of your website visitors? That’s where Visual Visitor can help.

What if you could know what businesses are visiting your website anonymously in the next 5 minutes? With our powerful lead generation software, we track the visitors to your website and then send that information directly to you via Instant Email Alert! No matter where you are in your busy day, you can stay on top of your potential sales opportunities just by checking your email!

Visual Visitor - Anonymous Website Visitor Identification

Identification Process

How are we different than analytics?

How does it work

We collect data from telecommunication providers worldwide.  This data is used to query other data sources creating the ultimate mash-up which is delivered to your sales team in almost real-time.

What do we provide

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Possible contacts
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Page view details for understanding the buyer’s interests
  • Keyword information
  • Campaign Information
  • Quick links for additional research

In Addition to Anonymous Website Visitor Identification, Visual Visitor can help you…

Visual Visitor - Anonymous Website Visitor Identificaiton Avoid the “Proposal Gone Cold”

We have all been there, you send a proposal and that is the last you hear from the prospect.  Know when they are returning to your website for additional information.

Visual Visitor - Anonymous Website Visitor IdentiicationOutbound sales effectiveness

Are the companies you are cold calling visiting your website?  Use Visual Visitor to assist in gauging the effectiveness of your outbound campaigns.

Visual Visitor - Anonymous Website Visitor IdentificationEmail campaigns, after the click

With the integrated email campaign feature, you can gain an understanding of who is visiting your site and when after the initial email campaign.  Once the individual is tagged, you will always know when they return.

Visual Visitor - Anonymous Website Visitor Identification

Market Segmentation

Gain an understanding of the types of companies you are attracting to your site with your current marketing strategy.

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