Pinterest Tote

In what could signal a major shift in Pinterest’s ambitions, the company has hired – or “acquihired,” in the parlance of Silicon Valley – the team behind Tote, an ecommerce app that targets a market with strong Pinterest crossover.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Big or Small, Global or Local, if your business has a website or is online, yes, you need Social Media Marketing. Remember, you need to be where you customer are – and all you have to do is look up from your smart phone when you’re out in public to know that your customer are online.

What is Social Media?

If your business is using social media to advertise or promote or not, your customers are definitely using this media. Knowing what your customers are saying and sharing is a must in this digital age.

Social Media Advertising Basics

Learning to navigate in the social media advertising waters of business today is a tricky, tricky thing. Most of us are learning by example or trial and error, so any basic outlines available are much appreciated!

Can Content Marketing Drive Traffic to your Site?

Looking for new and innovative ways to drive more quality traffic to your website? Content Marketing as a marketing approach, focuses on the creation and distribution of relevant content to attract new visitors/customers/leads to your business