Prioritizing Factors of Keyword Targeting

How to balance the effectiveness of keywords and key phrases with the added boost in your website metrics and the boost in your website prospects is a difficult thing.

What are my Consumer Categories?

Consumers, or people who purchases goods or services for personal use, in most marketing terms, are usually defined in large groups. This is normal marketing practice, but is it correct? If you have Visual Visitor’s Anonymous Visitor Identification, you will have noticed that consumer patterns change constantly.

How to get your COLD emails OPENED

COLD emails OPENED…Let’s face it, we all get so many emails each and every day – how often do you have the chance to open all of them?

How to use email marketing to increase your business

Email marketing is a simple, low-cost method that allows your business to connect to people. Let’s face it, with the

The Impact of Digital Marketing

Let’s look at a few reasons why digital marketing – Facebook Ads, Pay-Per-Click, mobile marketing,is becoming such an integral part of the marketing pie.