Facebook Live Video Ads

In a move that surprised few in the social media marketing industry, Facebook has revealed that live video advertising is expected to enter testing within “the next couple months.”

Social Media Advertising Basics

Learning to navigate in the social media advertising waters of business today is a tricky, tricky thing. Most of us are learning by example or trial and error, so any basic outlines available are much appreciated!

Local Businesses can Target Ads to Nearby People With Facebook’s New Tools

It’s no surprise Facebook’s advertising sales increased over the past year as the social networking company expands its Internet influence.

Facebook Lead Ads

Consumers are mobile dependent. With a mobile phone or tablet in our hand nearly all day long, the vast majority of our transactions and inquiries are done via mobile devices.

New Settings for Facebook Ads

Are your settings for Facebook Ads set correctly? Are you concerned about how much information you are sharing with Facebook? Many consumers find Facebook’s privacy settings to be confusing and difficult to manage. Your activity on Facebook can be shared with companies to help them target their products or services. If you’d like to limit the amount of information you share with advertisers, there is a new feature you’ll want to know about.

Changes in Social Media Usage and Engagement

How often do you jump on social media? Once a week? Daily? Multiple times per day? Does it depend on the social media site?

Usage and engagement on social media sites continues to evolve. In 2014, Facebook remained the most popular social media site. In fact, 71% of internet users have a Facebook account. However, while engagement among users remained high, 70% of Facebook users engage daily and 45% access the site several times a day, the size of the site’s user base remained flat.

How to Use Places Tips to Your Benefit

All businesses are looking for ways to capture the attention of consumers. The advent of Facebook Places Tips can help you get in front of consumers who are in your area. Places Tips was launched by Facebook in January of this year. This feature is similar in concept to Foursquare in that it provides information on places, events and businesses in your

$227 Billion Dollar Economic Impact of Facebook

A new report released through Deloitte LLP declares that Facebook has generated an estimated $227 billion dollars in economic value and created 4.5 million job opportunities. The study reveals $104 billion of the estimated impact occurred in the United States.

Place Tips: The Newest Facebook Offering

Facebook is once again increasing their product offerings with a new service called Place Tips. Place Tips may remind you of Foursquare. It’s similar to the check-in service, but doesn’t automatically post to your Facebook feed.