Increase Online Sales

If you do a quick Google search right now on ways to increase online sales, you will find so many different viewpoints on what must be done. Here are some tips to get your started.

Does Website Visitor Tracking work?

There are a lot of skeptics out there who do not yet believe in the power of website visitor tracking and today I plan on convincing them that maybe, just maybe, they are wrong. First off, what is website visitor tracking? Website visitor tracking at its root is the analysis of visitor behavior on a website. What makes the Visual Visitor product special, is that it goes beyond analysis and also includes things like anonymous visitor identification.

Engage Leads at Critical Points with Website Visitor Tracking

How many times have you or your sales people wished you had known a prospective client had been on your website? Or, have you ever gone to a meeting with a prospective client thinking that they were looking at one product/service, only to find that their interest was in another product/service that you were unprepared to present on?

Using Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms produce highly qualified leads and are a great marketing tool to grow your business. Any potential customer that takes the time to fill out your lead capture form online, is sure to have a high level of interest in your product.

Sales Pipeline – After the Alert Email

Ok, you just got your Visual Visitor Instant Email Alert that a warm lead is on your website. What are the sales pipeline steps that you or your sales person should take in turning that warm lead into a hot new customer?

Why Your Business Needs Website Visitor Tracking

Website Visitor Tracking with Visual Visitor goes beyond the basics of tracking the visitors who visit your website. We track who is visiting, the pages that they are visiting, the time they spend on each page, and we combine this data with all previous visits…. With no input from the actual visitor required.

What is Website Caller ID?

Imagine what the power of website caller id can do for your business. The ability to know who is “calling” could be the difference between making the sale and missing out. So what is website caller id from Visual Visitor?

Website Visitor Identification Life Cycle

The mystery of Website Visitor Identification software through companies like Visual Visitor can sometimes seem so confusing, that many people think that it is just not possible. Let’s go through the life cycle of website visitor identification to set expectations so that your business can start to track, identify, and engage with new business leads!

Manage Your Content Marketing, Search Engine Rankings with Visual Visitor

Building an internet presence via content marketing has a proven impact on increasing conversion rates as well. With that additional traffic, your need for Website Visitor Tracking or Anonymous Visitor Identification through a product like Visual Visitor is a must.

How can Anonymous Website Visitor Tracking help your business?

There are many ways that Anonymous Visitor Tracking with Visual Visitor can grow your business. Let’s go over the common uses of website visitor tracking.