New Identify ANYONE Feature Announced


Visual Visitor is proud to announce the roll out of our newest feature, Identify ANYONE! Rolled out on October 5, 2013, Identify ANYONE seamlessly integrates into your email campaign strategy and makes it easy to see who is on your website. Here’s how it works:

This new feature allows you to track email addresses that come to your site through email blasts, newsletters, personal emails or other marketing pieces. The URL code tracks the visitor and will include their email address in real time alerts. All you have to do is add the URL we create to the links in your email campaign. The next time they return to your website (without having to click on the link again), you will be alerted – by name! The alert will read:

“Good news! Prospect – – is on your website.”

This means you will know EXACTLY who the visitor is, not just the company!

Identify ANYONE comes with these features:


  • Use with any email marketing or newsletter tool
  • Use with your company/customer newsletter
  • Works with not just businesses, but consumers as well!
  • Know EXACTLY who the visitor – get alerted by prospect name and email address
  • Create as many tracking campaigns as you like
  • Track all visitors that you have email addresses for
  • No increase in price!
  • It’s really easy to use


Identify ANYONE is ideal for using as a lead nurturing solution. This innovative tool will generate sales without sending out any correspondence. Once a prospect has been Tagged, you get alerts each time they visit your site. Sales teams can manage their own campaigns and track email correspondence with ease.

Everyone using Visual Visitor was automatically upgraded to Identify ANYONE on October 5, 2013. There are no additional charges for this ROI generating feature.

With the Identify ANYONE, Visual Visitor is going beyond identifying companies and can now identify consumers. Whether it’s an individual consumer or company employee, add the tracking URL to any email blast or newsletter and be able to track them throughout your site!

For detailed information on how to use Identify ANYONE, please click here.

Happy Selling!

VisualVisitor Now Offers Live Support

VisualVisitor is pleased to announce we are now offering live support for our online lead capture software. At VisualVisitor, our team knows you have questions and you need answers quickly. Our live support staff will respond to your questions promptly so you don’t have to wait.

You know we’ve always been fanatical about support at VisualVisitor. Now it’s easier than ever to get the answers you need! Our live customer support is available Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Simply give us a call or drop us an email and our team will respond as quickly as possible with the answers you need. Here’s how you can reach us:


  • Phone: 888-586-7730
  • Email:


“We believe offering this added level of customer support will provide a superior level of service to our clients,” said Rick Batchelor, CEO of VisualVisitor. “We have already received significant positive feedback regarding the live support since its launch.”

VisualVisitor provides anonymous website visitor identification delivering 98% of website visitors who do not call or submit an email form. The information generated by VisualVisitor includes:


  • The identity of the visitor
  • Their phone number
  • Buying intent
  • Information delivered in email form while prospect is still on the site
  • Available as Private Label/White Label solution


VisualVisitor currently has close to 1000 active clients and a 94% retention rate. At a cost of just $39 per month, VisualVisitor provides the most affordable, highest return-on-investment sales tool on the market today.

Visit our Feature Tour page to learn more or sign up for a Free Trial today.

At VisualVisitor, we’re fanatical about support. Put us to the test. We’re here to help you and your business succeed!

Is it complicated to use or implement?

Nope. It’s crazy simple.  Install takes 5 minutes.


There really is not an implementation.  Just wait for visitors to show up.  VisualVisitor does all the work by sending you real time notification of those visits.  We even tell you which search engine and term they used to find you.  It really doesn’t get easier than that!

Learning and using VisualVisitor is as easy as most web mail systems (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail)  

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to sign up for a Free Trial!  

Is it easy to install?

VisualVisitor is very easy to install. Installation is a quick 4 step process and can be completed in about 5 minutes.

Here’s a sample email with the set up instructions.

Welcome to VisualVisitor! Begin the installation process and start turning your website visitors into qualified sales leads.

To Login and begin the installation process, go to

Enter the following credentials:

Username: xyzcompany

Password:  xyz123

To install on your website, there is a quick 4 step process:

Step 1: Copy and paste the following line of HTML immediately after the first BODY tag on each page of your web site that you want to track.

 <script> var vv_account_id = ‘xyzabc1234’; var vv_BaseURL = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ?”” :””);document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + vv_BaseURL + “Scripts/liveVisit.js’type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));</script><scripttype=”text/javascript”> try {document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + new_url +”‘ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));} catch( err ) {}</script>

Step 2:  If your web site uses dynamic pages such as PHP, ASP or JSP, you should make sure that this code appears below the BODY tag in the generated HTML.  Alternatively, this could be added to a common footer in the site.

Step 3:  Publish your web site with the newly edited pages (i.e. the pages you just edited according step 1 above).

Step 4:  To verify that you have installed properly, go here:

Configuration Menu > Installation > Press the “Validate” button.

Contact us, at, if you have any questions or problems with the installation process.

Happy Selling!

The Team at


As you can see, by simply copying and pasting the HTML script onto your webpages you will be ready to start receiving qualified leads from VisualVisitor.

If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact our support team and let us know how we can help!

I installed the tracking code as instructed, but my company is not showing up.

I went to my site after signing up for a free trial, but my company did not show up as being identified.  What gives?

As with any service there are limitations.

VisualVisitor can only idenifty companies that fit certain criteria.  If you use a consumer grade internet connection, VisualVisitor will put your activities in the ‘consumer’ bucket and not alert your sales team.

However, if you sell to bigger businesses we guarantee you will be impressed.   Try it – it’s free.