Focus on your Warm Leads

As we start off 2016, many of you will be brainstorming on new and different ways to grow your customer base and increase your profits. One tried and true way to do that would be to focus on your warm leads. But how is this done? For $59/month, Visual Visitor has the answer!

Lead Response Timing

Is your company working on perfecting their lead response timing in order to increase sales? See how using Visual Visitor can help with that!

Can I set up alerts for certain Companies or Prospects we are working?

You sure can.

VisualVisitor will email you when they visit your site.  VisualVisitor will even tell you what pages of your website (your products or services) your prospect viewed.

Do you track all visitors?

Yes, we track all visitors.  However, we only alert you to the visitors you want to see.  This usually means that we only alert you when a ‘business’ visitor is on your site.

In fact, our technology recognizes and identify more visitors then solutions costing 5 times the price.  You can view all visitor by logging in and running management reports.

Try it for yourself.  Sign up for a free trial today!