How much does VisualVisitor cost?

VisualVisitor is a tremendous value for the dollar.   We are so confident that you will find a rapid Return on Investment that we offer a Free Trial.  Once you login for your free trial, you’ll find a full pricing scheduled there.

It’s free.
It takes 5 minutes to install.
It’ll help you make more sales!
What are you waiting for?
Click here to sign up for a Free Trial now!

Do you charge a per lead fee?

Nope.  Leads are only limited by the amount of traffic coming to your website.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for a Free Trial today! 

Do I get charged for the leads generated during my free trial?

Nope. They are yours free of charge…. And all leads after you become a paid account are free as well.

See you have everything to gain. Sign up for free trial now!

How do I get training?

We do one on one training.  After converting to a paid account, simply login to the Client Area, and click on support to request a one on one training session.

How to I access support?

To access support, sign up for a Free Trial, then login.  Under your login, you will find access to support.

I don’t have a webmaster and I need help with the install. Do you do installs?

Yes, however there is a $100 charge to install the code on up to 25 pages.  Additional pages are charged per page.

Most websites with more than 25 pages generally have an automated way to install (such as a shared footer). 

To get help with your install, sign up for a free trial, then login.  In the login, you will find the Support area where you can order your install.

How do I cancel?

Oh.  We are very sorry to see you go.  If you are canceling for any of these reasons, please let us know, perhaps we can help:


  • You could not get the install to work
  • You can’t find your login
  • You find it difficult to use
  • You are confused as to how it works


If you still must cancel, you will need to login to the Client Login area and click on “Cancel”

Upon cancellation, you will receive email confirmation.  Please note, we do not credit partial months.